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Ford has the King Ranch and Texas Edition. Ram Trucks has the Ram Lone Star and Laramie Longhorn editions. Toyota and Nissan even have their own Texas editions. Following the pattern, it makes natural sense that Chevrolet would respond in kind towards their Texas market with their Silverado Texas Edition. Let’s explore the features that are included in the Chevrolet rendition, and break down what is the Texas edition Silverado.

What is the Texas Edition Silverado?

Chevrolet first introduced the Texas Edition back in 2015 alongside other special edition models such as the Rally Edition and Black Out Edition. The Silverado Texas Edition is sold in both a two-wheel and four-wheel drivetrain, built upon the LT and LTZ model configurations; there are different package options that branch out as a result of the different platforms, including a RST trim. The Silverado Texas Edition on the LT trim features custom badging, an optional e-Assist start and stop system, and remote vehicle start; these are included alongside a 355hp 5.3L V8 motor paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, with the Performance package offering additional motor options with the EcoTec line in its 285hp 4.3L V6 and 355hp 5.3L V8 renditions. For those opting towards a diesel power plant, the Duramax 3.0L turbo diesel is also an option.

Silverado Texas Edition Interior

Inside the Silverado Texas Edition trucks, drivers are greeted with amenities such as an 8-inch touchscreen, leather-wrapped steering wheel, wireless charging, and Bluetooth device compatibility. A 10-way power driver seat with heated front seats and dual-zone climate control helps both the driver and passengers travel in comfort. Silverado LTZ owners are treated to ventilated front bucket seats, parking and lane departure assist, and a power tailgate, among other features. Heavy-duty LTZ models get the full press of features on the Premium package, along with 20” wheels. More noticeably, the interior of current Silverados has undergone a facelift; the dash display is modernized, the wood trim is a complementary color rather than a dated plastic insert, and there is support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users.

Newer features that are found in the Silverado Texas Edition include locking rear differential, a trailering package with more detailed information available to drivers via the updated dashboard screen along with a trailer camera, and a convenience package and safety confidence package that are optional for buyers to opt into. Inside the truck, carpeted floor liners and SiriusXM are now standard items, along with OnStar technology. Along with the collection of new features, some additional paint options were included for those that opted in to a particular trim level or package, including body-colored grill pieces and bumpers.

How does the Chevrolet Silverado Texas Edition Stack Up?

2022 Chevrolet Silverado RST Texas Edition Exterior

The crash test safety ratings for both side crash and rollover are positive, with the former receiving five-star ratings for both front and rear side crashes, and the latter receiving a four-star rating. The reliability score on the current generation of Silverado trucks ranks highly. There are a few complaints about the Silverado Texas Edition, however, which should be considered: there are reports of issues with the transmissions and engines, plus observed faults with both the braking system and airbags. The cost of ownership can be steep between insurance premiums and the cost of refueling, and with gas prices hitting all-time highs, it can eat away at the pleasure of ownership.

However, when comparing against similar models that are produced by other manufacturers, The Silverado Texas Edition yields proportionately more features to its buyers than Texas edition trucks sold by the other two domestic powerhouses, Ford and Ram Trucks. The Ford Texas Edition was a limited run on its F-150 standard and XLT lines, and King Ranch places itself about halfway on the spectrum of Ford’s trim levels. Ram Trucks offers Texas editions in all sizes (half to a full ton) and cab constructions, but the bump to Texas trim contains more aesthetic changes than anything substantial. While Chevrolet begins its Texas offerings in the LT trim, there are options to buy the Texas Edition in LTZ with nearly all safety and technology offerings available, in a choice of cab and bed lengths that suit the buyer best.

In addition, the Silverado Texas Edition is catered to the biggest truck-buying market in North America: Texans. There is an overwhelming pride in truck ownership across Texas, and with a lower cost of living and lower gas prices in Texas relative to other states, the high cost of ownership doesn’t exist in Texas to the same level of severity as it’s felt in more expensive states. Put simply, the price tag of the Silverado Texas Edition isn’t a concern at the forefront of Texans’ minds when they are shopping for their next truck. Texans like their trucks, and they want to enjoy owning their trucks, with cost not being as much of an influencing factor in their purchase decision.

There is a significant market for trucks that will continue to grow in popularity, but there is little doubt that Texas will continue to have the greatest concentration of truck buyers and owners in the United States. The Silverado Texas Edition offerings from Chevrolet serve the needs and desires of truck owners both in Texas and across the world. Their updated Silverado Texas Edition delivers the complete package with its updated technology and safety features tied together with its modern, sleek appearance and reliability.