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Dodge Ram trucks have a long and storied history, along with a huge fanbase of enthusiasts that can be viewed as the brands’ biggest supporters and ambassadors. From its early formative days as a business endeavor launched by the Dodge brothers, to its present-day subsidiary of Stellantis with multiple vehicle offerings, the brand underwent a substantial evolution from being a small parts distributor into its current iteration as a major manufacturer. During that time, many automotive enthusiasts have become invested in its vehicle offerings; its line of trucks have been a source for fans to discuss custom modifications, developments and changes between model years, and engine performance options. But this brings up the question, what is the best year for Dodge Ram 1500 trucks? It depends on what you argue makes a truck “the best.” Is it the reliability, the ability to customize and modify it, or the aesthetics? Or is it all three? Before we dive in, let’s do a quick review of Dodge’s history.

A History Lesson: from Dodge Brothers to Stellantis

dodge ram generations what is the best

Dodge has been around as an automobile manufacturer for many decades, but before it began its journey toward producing automobiles, it started out as a brother-owned company that built and shipped automotive components including engines and transmissions for other vehicle companies. Their first vehicles consisted of a panel van, ambulance, and what is considered to be the first trucks ever produced that allowed different options for both cab and bed sizes in light and medium duty version. As the years progressed, Dodge trucks became known as reliable work trucks with an engine that could provide plenty of horsepower and torque for just about any task thrown its way, and more heavy-duty versions were produced and sold.

Later years would see the launch of the Power Wagon and Pilot-House designs, followed by the C-series line of trucks that were launched in the 1950’s, which coincided with the first introduction of V-8 engines into their truck series. Sales went well for the Dodge line of trucks heading into the late 1970’s, at which time all manufacturers faced a crackdown on emission regulations. In response, Dodge began to offer diesel engines in its smaller pickups, but after receiving backlash about the lack of power produced by its diesel power plants, they began producing different motors and more compact trucks to meet consumer demand. This was done while remaining cognizant of both a growing list of emission regulation changes as well as gas mileage concerns stemming from the oil embargo. The light-duty Dodge truck line was eventually named the Ram Pickup line in 1981 and carries the name to this day under the ownership of the Stellantis company, which includes Chrysler and Jeep as well.

How can someone quantify if any particular generation is the best?

What determines the “best year” – what are the qualities or criteria that are considered? This is certainly subjective, and the criteria one person would use to argue that a particular model year is superior will be different from another person’s perspective. The main criteria that are typically discussed when debating the qualities of a particular vehicle generation tend to be its mechanical reliability (will it stay running long enough to show it off to the neighbors, or are there known production problems?), customization ability (how many custom parts are available for it – will I have to hunt high and low for a lift kit?), and aesthetics (does it have a good visual foundation, or is it just ugly as sin?)

Well, if you’re looking for reliability, most Dodge trucks are an easy enough sell: Ram trucks have earned the Motor Trend Truck of the Year awards on eight separate occasions. They’ve also recently earned 2022 IIHS top safety picks, along with a 2022 J.D. Power award. If you want to argue about customization, Ram trucks have been in production going on nearly four decades, and with its longevity finding custom parts is easy and plentiful. As far as aesthetics go if you ever want to debate something that is remarkably subjective, debate aesthetics. One person may feel the current model year is the most endearing visually, while another person may argue that the front end of the current generation appears to have been beaten with an ugly stick.

What’s the Best Year for Dodge Ram 1500 Trucks?

The era of Dodge Ram trucks produced between 1994 to 2002 can be argued as easily being the best year for Dodge Ram 1500’s. It ticks all the boxes mentioned above in terms of reliability, customization opportunities, and aesthetics; it’s difficult to pinpoint a generation of Ram trucks that has been able to meet these goalposts, either before this particular generation, or since then. Let’s not forget to mention the popularity boost that the Ram 1500 received from Chuck Norris; it was a prominent feature in the 1990’s TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, and wound up being an incredible weekly product placement opportunity for Dodge as well as a significant influence on younger viewers that admired the truck’s rugged, off-road capabilities and visuals. It also made a cameo appearance in the 1996 film Twister.

Let’s talk cosmetics first. The modernized body style is timeless; this is the same generation that departed from its previous, traditional rectangular grill and headlamp design into a curvy, stepped, modernized split-level grill. This design change made the Ram recognizable at a distance and helped visually elevate the Ram line of trucks as a unique brand; even someone that isn’t interested in automobiles can usually pinpoint and identify this era of Dodge Ram trucks if they had to point one out in a crowd. If you wanted a Dodge Ram that was aesthetically pleasing (or at least, visually unique), this era was the clear answer.

5.7 hemi engine

Mechanically speaking, this generation of Ram trucks was the era featuring the 5.2 and 5.9 V-8 motors and in later years, the 5.7 Hemi was introduced for those people that were seeking a powerful motor paired with a unique truck design. (For those not needing or wanting the extra cylinders, some trucks were sold with a 3.9L V-6 option as well.) Each of these motors provided ample power to haul and tow cargo, and was also able to provide a consistent driving experience with relatively few mechanical issues. Since these trucks have been around for some time now, there’s been plenty of opportunity for widespread manufacturer defects to present themselves; no major defects have surfaced, and this particular generation of engines are known for their longevity and reliability.

For those who seek to customize and modify their trucks, both the age and popularity of the 94-03 Dodge Ram 1500 trucks lend kindly to the ability to find aftermarket parts; a cursory search of items on eBay yielded well over 1,000 items compatible, ranging from full exhaust kits to upgraded spark plug wires to LED lighting conversions. Just like we discussed with its mechanical reliability, there’s been lots of time for companies to work with the schematics of the Dodge Ram line, and build custom parts to sell to the community of owners that enjoy modding their trucks.